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 Fall Equinox Women’s Seminar with Shakuntali and the Follow Your Heart to the Field of Love Sept 22-26, 2019



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Welcome to Love of the Earth, LLC

Lifetimes of Self Discovery; Seeking; Mistakes; Growth; Transformation; Awakening; Empowerment

About Amanda Atkinson Visionary of Love of the Earth and Follow Your Heart Foundation::
The scope of my work is led by God, Jesus Christ and the Circle of Enlightened Masters. It is my Soul Purpose live my life as a conduit of unconditional love. Through everyday experiences it is my purpose is to create a space for your healing to begin. It’s about being one with the land, one with the wind, keeping feet on the Earth and being nourished by nature. My whole life I have felt a guidance higher than my own. I have always had a deep inner knowing that I was safe, no matter the circumstance. I believe in the good in people and good in the world. It is deeply ingrained in my Soul that within each and every one of us there is a gift, a light that has the ability to learn and grow from darkness into light. My work is to be a reflection, so that you may see that light shine in YOU!!
Each Being is composed of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and bound by Spirit (YOU). Each of us takes from the elements what we need to grow from each life experience. each of us creates our own recipe based on our own Soul’s predestination. Here I offer many elements for you to create YOUR PERSONAL recipe!!!

Love of the Earth  is  rooted in the philosophy that by Following your Heart you will find your happiness.  At Love of the Earth we believe that each of us is born with a purpose, and with that purpose come our unique talents and gifts that contribute to the whole of human consciousness. In finding and pursuing the gifts and talents (aka what your passionate about) you are not only doing a service to your highest good, you are doing a service to the conscious evolution of all of humanity. The purpose of Love of the Earth is to cultivate and educate our communities in their own personal healing recipe and healthy living.  Here we vision toward the empowerment of every individual we encounter. We are here to share the tools that have worked for our own personal expansion and growth, and to help you awaken to the Divine that is YOU!



Love of the Earth is founded and run by Amanda Atkinson HFIIIK® RMT, RYT. (Registered Holy Fire III Karuna® Reiki Master Teacher & Registered Yoga Teacher) This adventure is shared with her husband and fellow HFIIK® RMT Lance Atkinson.

Amanda began her journey of service to humanity at birth, always being a peacekeeper, an empath and lover at heart. Her conscious journey began in her late teens as adolescence provided the experiences to begin her shamanic initiation. These life experience brought for the lessons needed to hold the light even in the mist of shadow.

In 2009 the practice of Reiki (the secret art of inviting happiness into one’s life) came into her awareness and brought the opportunity to study and develop her Spiritual gifts.  Amanda began her studies of Reiki and other alternative methods of healing with Dolores Baker of Mago Healing Arts in Cheyenne, WY.

Love of the Earth was born shortly thereafter as Amanda felt the call immediately to begin practicing this healing modality with friends, family and the community.

In 2013 Amanda continued her studies at Peace Place in Sedona, AZ. There she learned Holy Fire Karuna® Reiki with Laurelle Shanti Gaia, Michael Turner and Julie Russel licensed teachers of the ICRT.

In 2016 Amada took the steps to immerse into Shambhava Yogic principles and philosophy during her study and completion of the

The heart of Shoshoni
The heart of Shoshoni

200 HYTT at the Shoshoni Yoga Retreat Ashram nestled in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. There she studied the ancient practices of Asana, Mantra, Pranayama and Meditation steeped deeply in Kashmir Shivaism.

pastedgraphic-1In 2017 Amanda furthered her journey to explore Shamanism studying Core Shamanism with Ellen Winner and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Here she gathered ancient tools to assist in finding altered states of consciousness in natural non substance induced ways. Through the practices of traditional divination and shamanic percussion Amanda has the ability to hold space for you to interact with your Spirit Helpers.

Rev Amanda is ordained through Greenfaith Ministry and Universal Life Church and takes great honor in facilitation of non-denominational weddings, funerals and hospice work.About

Today Amanda is passionate about setting the space for you to connect with your whole being that you may experience the power within Your Self!! Through personalized facilitation  Amanda aims to bring you to your edge to facilitate a sacred and safe place for expansion in all aspects of experience.

In 2019 Amanda was presented with the opportunity of a healthy living lifestyle and means to create a way to help herself and others in the physical sense through Arbonne International!! Arbonne (meaning Best of the Earth) is a health and wellness company based in 100% vegan, cruelty free, non Gmo botanically based products to bring healthy living to families from the inside out! On Jan 3, 2019 Amanda became an Arbonne Independent Consultant and has the joy of following her passion of helping people grow!

What more is possible if you let go and Follow your Heart? How could breathing and diving within introduce you to more of You? How would your experience change if you allowed yourself to be curious? How does this feel? What if you knew you were a Divine Being full of Infinite wisdom?


Through integrated self Discovery with Amanda you can expand into these possibilities and so much more of your inner wisdom. There is no limit to how far you can journey and what you can learn through introspection. In this space you are in the driver seat, setting your own intention for growth and expansion. In facilitation Amanda creates the environment for Your highest good to unfold

"Follow Your Heart"