The heart of Shoshoni

A World of Stillness


I am recently returned home from a 12 day Shambhava Yoga Retreat at the beautiful Shoshoni Ashram nestled deep in the Colorado mountains. This retreat is 1/2 of my 200 hour Shambhava Hatha Yoga teacher training. It is quite the experience to be in the Shakti of this magical mountain oasis that is Shoshoni. Focusing inwardly on the natural breath, showered in the vibration of Mantra and Seva. All the while testing the strength of your body and mind as you mindfully move through and discover the building blocks of asana and the rigors of still seated meditation.

The practices there are of an ancient nature, that remains free of the bustle of our OCD reality. These practices are taught with the intention of drinking them in so deeply that you may then integrate the stillness found into the rigors of daily societal life, bringing into awareness a quality of observation as we Breathe mindfully through our day.

As I walked down the many trails into the forest on my precious free time, I was moved by the stillness of this place. In the stillness I found fluid movement within my greatest resistances.  I heard the ice melting in the pond as I walked along the earth dam. It seemed to crackle and run as the water molecules reformed their structure. So too I felt inside as my old limitations revealed themselves in the mire of my illusion. I began to see the crystals falling away and transforming as my inner most being was able to be heard and acknowledeged.  On another path I was caught by the buzz of a bumble bee busy at his purpose collecting the sweet nectar of the spring’s first blooms. I watched completely transfixed as he moved from flower to flower with determination. I was reminded of the integration of the new structure being built within me, finding the space where the breath pauses, and infusing intention.

It was something so different for me…being away from my family, was Hard at certain turns. Letting my tool belt stay outside was a challenge all unto itself. I set out to drink in all that there was for me getting out of my own way as best as possible. There is such power in the subtlety of the work that occurs on a Spiritual level. The work for me now, is to bring this stillness with me into my daily existence, to find My breath in places of resistance, and hope to fine observation within the witnessing of my Self. I am humbled by the nature of this Yoga, this all encompassing practice of ancient ritual. The offering of surrender and the gift of Self mark this experience in the depths of my Soul. We are all teachers and students, ever revolving in and out of each role. What more is possible if we take pause to our breath within each gentle transition? How can we create the stillness within to reflect in all that we see?


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