Amanda Atkinson

Holy Fire II Karuna® Reiki Master/Teacher, 200HRYT

Amanda is a born and raised Wyoming native. Living in this beautiful country she has grown a deep appreciation for the land and the healing it provides. She and her family spend their time putting their love into the stewardship of their homestead in the Medicine Bow National Forest where they are striving to build a legacy off the grid for their family and friends to enjoy for years to come. Sustainable living in all aspects of experience is at the forefront of Amanda’s focus in transformation and in life.

“To be a healer is to heal yourself”

The scope of Amanda’s work is led by Spirit and Breath. She listens to Spirit and acts as a conduit of unconditional love. She works with shamanic elements of the upper and lower worlds, the Earth Mother, Animal Medicine, Christed Consciousness, Mother/Father God, the realm of Arc Angels and third heaven guides to bring forth transformation for all beings. Through Reiki, Yoga and Breathwork, her purpose is to create a space for your healing to begin.

In May 2012, Amanda received the blessing of being able to pursue her shamanic path as her full time life’s work. She feels blessed and full of gratitude for the opportunity to be an embodiment of an Earth Angel, and the opportunity to share this joy and love with humanity, to facilitate expansion on Earth, and awaken all who dwell here.

Her attitude about life is there is always more to learn, always more to relate. Through simple tools such as breath, movement and subtle awareness on can transcend limitation and experience abundance in all ways. Through remembrance of our relation to all creation we can dissolve the illusion of separation and come to a conscious state of oneness. Within each and every being lies the Divine Spark. Amanda’s purpose is to be a reflection of that Divine Spark in YOU.

“It’s about being one with the land, one with the wind, keeping our image-160feet on the Earth, dancing with the fire, swimming with the sea, and being nourished by nature. My whole life I have felt a guidance higher than my own. I somehow have always had a deep inner knowing that I was safe, no matter the circumstance. My story has me given many perspectives and points of view through personal experience. From this story I have been given many lessons in illusion and duality, and a little wisdom. I believe in the Divinity in people and the Divinity in the world. It is deeply ingrained in my Soul that within each and every one of us there is a gift, a light that has the ability to dance and shine through the darkness. My work is to be a reflection, so that you may dance in your totality with grace and ease. To bring forth the remembrance of your lessons and let go of the story so you may Follow your Heart.”

Divine Love,
Amanda Atkinson



Lance Atkinson

Holy Fire II Karuna® Reiki Master/Teacher

Lance is a born and raised Wyoming native that has always felt most at home outside under the expansive wide open skies and nestled in the conifer forests of the Medicine Bow and Big Horn National Forests. You will most likely in the evenings find him out in the clearing gazing at the Milky Way of sitting near the fire pit in his unique form of meditation. Lance is known for his open heart and ability to make people feel welcomed and appreciated. Lances roots in Spirituality run deep in his veins in the form of musical inspiration. Lance is a longtime lover of live music and has always felt a deep connection between his heart and the music and being a part of that passionate field of patrons. Lance is most happy when spending time with his family, especially when they get to be off grid. His vision is to create a place for his family to thrive and enjoy the simpler times in life without the distraction and the static of our current societal norm. Lance is an amazing provider that always puts his family first. Whether he is spending time with his sons or his Star Child daughter Jayde, there is no place he would rather be. Lance has a desire to bring people back to their roots, to remember the priorities of the heart and to enjoy this time on earth.lover2

Lance and Amanda have been walking together for lifetimes. Not one lifetime is enough for the love they share with one another and the love they have to share with the world. In this lifetime they are in their 12th year together. In those years they have learned how to love themselves through the reflection of each other. They have learned how two people can grow together through all of life’s challenges and joys and how grace and forgiveness for one’s self brings grace and ease in granting the same to others. Together Lance and Amanda cultivate a space of open arms for those who seek their home within.

Lance Atkinson RMP (Reiki Master/Practitioner)


Dana Baggs

Holy Fire II Karuna ® Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Vibrational Sound Healing Practitioner


Hello.  My name is Dana Baggs and I am looking forward to helping you THRIVE by achieving your most relaxed state of mind and body.  I allow Divine Love to flow through me and I have been certified in both the Usui Holy Fire & Karuna Reiki.  I also have completed two Vibrational Sound Healing classes effectively learning how  placing therapeutic ZEN song bowls on your body I am able to help you achieve the utmost relaxation.  This sound and vibration healing allows your body to reach THE best self-healing possible as you learn to relax more with every sound healing session you will naturally be experiencing less stress response, breathing better and sleeping better (many even report reaching the Delta brain wave for sleeping which is our body’s natural healing state).

The ZEN song bowls stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system (your natural relaxation response). You need to find external rhythms that are slow (nature, quiet surroundings, certain music) to entrain to in order to stop the busy cycle of today’s lifestyles. These ZEN song bowls are made specifically for the body relaxation response they are dense and heavy on the bottom which allows the vibration to go down into the cellular structure.

According to Jonathan Goldman, well-respected sound healing pioneer, “frequency plus intention equals healing.” I do ask every client to set an intention for what you wish to receive from the session.dana2

Do you like to get so close to the music you FEEL it in every cell of your being? If yes then Sound massage is something you will just LOVE!  Please come see me as words cannot describe the sound massage experience you just have to try it!  My song bowls and I look forward to getting you on the table.  Namaste

“We welcome you home.”



"Follow Your Heart"