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Rob Johnson


“People have to want and freely accept love and healing. But I believe love and acceptance is what nearly everyone truly wants in life. It’s not hard to find those who do want and need it. The love both Nina and Amanda have shown me has profoundly affected my life. I shall never forget the loving hug you(Amanda) gave me the day I came to your work to pick up the book Nina had purchased for me. I was hurting so badly inside that day, contemplating ending it all. You saw the hurt and pain I was feeling. You hardly even knew me, but you reached out and gave me that loving embrace (which must have lasted a good 5 mins or so).

Encouraging me to release the pain and the hurt. The love you showed me that day not only changed my life, I believe it saved my life. I shall always be so deeply grateful to you for showing me love and giving me the reiki healing that day. I now follow the reiki way, the way of healing and love. I know from personal experience the power it holds to change lives and help heal mankind. I shall forever be grateful to both you and Nina for all you have taught and shown me about how to love and heal. I love you both so very much! Thank you for being there when I needed you so badly. I shall always live the reiki way. It has become my passion, my purpose, the Holy Fire burns within me. Love on people! There are so many who need it.”
– Rob Johnson


“Seeing Amanda has changed my life. My friend brought me to her after I had fallen off of my path and working with Amanda has not only put me back on my path, but led me to places I never thought I’d be. Her work is unbelievable! I feel changed, motivated, driven, touched, lifted… I could go on and on. I’m thankful to have found her and to have her in my life! I would recommend her services to everyone, she makes such a difference in a world of chaos, she brings harmony! Love and light!”
– Rica Robinson


“Amanda, It was such a pleasure having you at the Club this summer. Thank you for visiting us and giving the kids such a wonderful experience. Kindest regards.”
– Margie McLaughlin (Boys & Girls Club)


“I have been going regularly to receive Reiki treatments for a couple years at Love of the Earth(and before). Amanda is an amazing healer. I’d recommend this place to anybody for any reason. We all have some healing to do.”
– Janelle Ward


“When I first experienced Reiki I knew immediately that I wanted to know more. Amanda guided me trough all the lessons in the most comfortable, loving way. I will forever be grateful for all the love and support she has shared with me on my journey.”
– Lynn Villalpando RMT, Love of the Earth Graduate


“I had to share because I just love how amazing Holy Fire Reiki truly is. I had a important meeting this morning that I needed to be sure I spoke my truth and that the individual heard with light & love in a manner they understood. I did distance Reiki and set the room. I had an amazing meeting!!!! Thank you thank you thank you for sharing the Holy Fire with me.”
– Clem


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“Hi, my name is Tiffany. I am a mother of two boys. I was a stay at home mom most of my life. My kids are older now, and are doing new things. I finally have more time to myself and have wanted to get back on a productive path. Movement is a big part of this journey, and I am glad to have the opportunity to explore Yoga with Amanda. Yoga is a way to really explore more awareness of ones’ Self. I think it is like taking your Spiritual vitamins.”

“I just started a Mary Kay business and decided to reach out to people. I like working out and being around people who better my life because I love people!😀 it’s important for me to take good care of myself and my family.”


I’ve always been drawn to yoga but just didn’t know how to learn and was intimidated. When Amanda offered a Yoga Mentor-ship, it was just what I needed and I took the plunge. I was right, the safe place and small group made it easy to integrate the moves at a pace that helped me understand the mind/body connection I was missing. It’s not “just stretching.” Yoga has changed my life. I’ve learned how to appreciate and feel gratitude towards my body and how it supports me! To safely and correctly hold poses, I have to be present, the outside world falls away. For me, it’s like meditation and I feel so rejuvenated afterwards. I am forever grateful and if you are in anyway interested in yoga but scared to jump in, allow Amanda to be the bridge of knowledge!
Karyn W
Hey lady! I just wanted to share a little story with you. I was so drawn to the womb cleanse because I didn’t think I could have babies and I wanted to clear all unused energy taking space and feel like the woman I’m meant to be. So, as you saw, I worked hard to release it ALL! My next cycle came and it was the heaviest period I’ve ever had! I knew I was cleansing! Releasing! Making space! A couple weeks go by and my body feels different, gaggy, sore tits, and light headed. I’m guna be a Momma! And I knew it two weeks before my missed period. Thank for showing me the path to make my dreams come true. Much love and respect for you!
Sarah Hort

"Follow Your Heart"