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Change is the Only Constant

Welcome to the GIFT of LIFE!!!

To Live is to Change; To Accept Change is to GROW!!!

Ancient Civilization in Kazakhstan 2019

This July I had the blessing to journey to Kazakhstan for an International Seminar!! This opportunity afforded many opportunities to expand my edges and created much discomfort along the way!!

Women’s Circle in Kazakhstan 2019

So you may ask, “Why Kazakhstan, why now?”

Great question!!! To be honest when this opportunity presented itself Kazakhstan was a mystery, like I didn’t even know where it was on the map, let alone did I know a single thing about this place….so why travel there??

For almost three years now I have been working closely with a group of Siberian Shamans who travel many countries all over the world bringing with them ancient feminine wisdom and practices to awaken the feminine energy of our collective consciousness. this began when my dear sister Beth invited me to an evening workshop in Boulder, CO, USA. I went to the workshop unsure of what I would find there, but open to having a new experience.

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by the realm of Shamanism and working with elemental wisdom so it was not a big stretch for me to explore this work.  Long story short, my first experience in these teachings brought me great joy and much to ponder in my reality. I went to a second workshop a few months later and at that moment felt a deeper connection. It was then that I began to sponsor and host Diana Suemi and Shakuntali Siberia to come to Wyoming to present their workshops and seminars in my home state and community.

lead the way
Diana Suemi

Each step of the way I was opened to practices that allowed me to explore more deeply my own feminine wisdom and make transformative decisions for my practice and my family. Each time I met with the Shamans (Tutors) I grew into more of my Self and began to see more possibilities for my every day life.


This year I had the pleasure of hosting Shakuntali in March and again in June. This was more involved than I had felt in the past energetically. I began to feel a thread of my purpose, my predestination in the connection with Shakuntali and her teachings and was forming a deeper relationship with the practices as they became more integrated into my daily Do’s.

hike to transformation
hike to transformation

I knew about the annual International Seminars, and knew other people that had attended in past years that had major transformation as a result. A big piece of me felt the deep curiosity and pull to attend and at the same time I felt all of the logistical limitations;; money, time, fear, needing a passport (I had never even left the country) ect. Questions like, “How can I leave my family, my work? How can I afford this? Am I safe? Where the heck is Kazakhstan?” and on and on.

So my first obstacle to overcome was TO SAY YES!!! At first I was a hard NO, because that made sense logically. Then my dear friend and travel companion, Amy, said to me, “What if you are not going for YOU….what if you are going for everyone you love; for everyone who can’t or won’t go for themselves?” That struck a deep cord of recognition in my SOUL.

Sunrise over Central Aisa

I didn’t know HOW, and didn’t even really know my WHY….and then…. I SAID YES! That yes opened the door for my Soul to conspire for my ability to blast off and make the steps!! It was no coincidence that my family had just taken the steps to acquire our passport documents this year and that they came in the mail in May:: Obstacle removed!!!

So on July 5th I went into the garage and told my husband, “I will go to Kazakhstan…I dont know how I will pay for the trip, but if it pans out I will be going.” He looked at me like I was nuts; just like everyone else in my life did!!! If I am being honest, I also though I was nuts but I had a VISION and I had BELIEF.

The next obstacle was the financial aspect. With no savings to speak of and no real means to gather the necessary $4000 in two weeks time to make this trip fly and I was seeded in nothing but FAITH. I was a ball of excitement and anxiety navigating the waters of Destiny!!! It was at that moment that a dear friend offered to loan me the money for the plane tickets which were due THAT DAY!!!! With much resistance and a good dose of FEAR (how will I pay this back? Do I deserve this gift?) I swallowed my pride and said THANK YOU. And that started the ball rolling….now I was committed:: Non refundable tickets for a 4874mile destination to somewhere on the other side of the planet!!!!

first steps in Kazakhstan
first steps in Kazakhstan


I knew now that my work was to lean into asking for support. I turned to a mentor of mine and asked for financial support to grow my experience in my ministry. I got my first YES and the suggestion to create a Go Fund Me. This was chilly water for me…Giving is my Jam!!! Receiving was a bit harder…again I was afforded the opportunity (=obstacle) to ASK for what I needed and then let it go to FAITH. I swallowed my ego and pride once more and put out the request to gather funds to help me on this pilgrimage. I was overwhelmed by the community response as I reached my Goal BEFORE my due date from the gracious donations of 30 blessed Souls.

View from our lodging

It was happening. I was taking my FIRST INTERNATIONAL trip half way around the world to study with the oldest school of Shamanism on the planet. I was going to meet 150 people from 20 countries to pray and connect with this ancient wisdom. I WAS ALIVE, and READY to meet the biggest challenge of my life (so far) and was doing so with the support of mentors, clients, students and friends of my community. MIRICLES HAPPEN!!!

Landing in Nur Sultan(Astana) Kazakhstan


Asking for Community Support

Farthest Trip From Home

First International Travel

First time flying over an ocean

Fist time using a Subway

First time using a passport

First time going through Customs

First time in NYC

First Time in Moscow

First Time in Kazakhstan

First International Seminar

First Experience with Women form 20 Countries

First time handling International Exchange Rates

So as you can see my edges were expanding exponentially.

What I learned:::

I can not even begin to know all that I have gained from this experience so soon after getting home, but I know this….

We are all in this together

I am stronger than I have ever given myself credit for. FAITH can and will move mountains and oceans. When we speak from the heart language is not a barrier. No matter where we come from or where we are going HOME is INSIDE. Fear is natural but is NOT our Natural state of BEING. Family has no boarders. LOVE has no LIMITS. Our connections of SPIRIT are stronger and more reliable than the internet. Rocks look the same even on the other side of the planet. There are MANY names for the same concepts. TRUTH is UNIVERSAL. I AM LIMITLESS and SO ARE YOU!!! We die little deaths and are reborn in every moment and resistance is futile.

stepping through the gateway of CHANGE
stepping through the gateway of CHANGE

What we resist persits. What we accept evolves. People from all parts of the world have similar struggles. You are not the same person when you come home if you surrender to the process. Every moment has pupose. Everything and Everyone is a teacher.

In conclusion(for now) this trip has changed me forever. It has helped me recognize empowerment -vs- co dependency. It has taught me that my TRUTH is inside of ME and YOURS is INSIDE of YOU. I have learned that each obstacle is here to show me more…More FREEDOM, more JOY, more ABUNDACE, more PERSEVERANCE, more CHARACTOR, more EXPANSION and more reasons TO HELP OTHERS.

Namaste’ Amanda





LOTE Family Reunion Time!!!





2016 Love of the Earth Family Reunion



Words can not express how excited I am for this years gathering of friends and family of Love of the Earth!! It is such a joy to be able to put this together to give thanks to our commUnity for the continued support of the work we do!





We have an incredible team of LOTE alumni facilitators to provide your experience into your personal power and abilities to heal thyself through Reiki, Shamanic Journey, Sound Healing, Light Therapy, Rife Machine, Ionic Foot Baths, Transformational Breathwork, Licensed Spiritual Counseling Yoga, Transformational Live Music and Family!!!IMG_6249

This experience is a three-day transformational weekend for YOU!



We are open to the Community

Fri 10-9, Sat 10-9, Sun 10-6
$11 Donation

More Information

11215767_1136880849673654_1094059715055737589_nIn addition to our Family Reunion we will be holding space as the Ascension Temple for our dear friends and fellow lightworkers, the Shamanic Boom Family for the weekend. Just down the hill from our space will be a three-day transformational festival with even more workshops and live music from the nation wide!! This will include live artists, live healing work, commUnity and ceremony with Spiritual leaders from this and other regions here to support the collective transformation of humanity and SO much MORE!


Tickets for Shamanic Boom Activation

Mental Health March~ Transformational Breathwork

BWLove of the Earth LLC, Blossom Yoga and Grace for 2 Brothers

Have joined for Mental Health March, to bring to you a FREE Community Transformational Breathwork!

When~ March 11, 2017 2-5pm (Arrive by 1:30) FIRST COME FIRST SERVE!!!

Where~ Blossom Yoga 315 W. 18th St. Cheyenne, WY


With the power of our breath we have the ability to find a reset in each moment. Transformational Breathwork is a tool that has been used for thousands of years to capture and restore our natural healthy state of being in mind, body and Spirit. In this container YOU have the opportunity to Breathe into a healthier awareness of the inner workings of Self discovery.

Release stress, anxiety, depression and more as you tap into the powerful Shamanic breath to ease you out of the left thinker, planner, do-er, worrier mind into the right creative, expansive, playful and productive mind.

This happens with the breath because as we breathe deeply in diaphragmatic breath we bring high levels of oxygen into the brain causing a natural state of altered consciousness. In this state of awareness we have the ability to transcend our analytical space of self judgement and come into the state of pure consciousness where our self limitations and insecurities can no longer hold us back. This give us the ability to observe our behaviors and thought patterns objectively.

We pair the breath with group processing to set and hold a safe and sacred container for all to explore whatever is at the surface of your experience. In processing we use THE FORMULA FOR HEALING (IDENTIFY, LOCATE, EMBRACE, DETACH) to associate and release what no longer serves. When we dive into the breath we utilize music tuned to the chakras and binaural frequencies to enhance and support a healthy state in all aspects of experience, physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual. Upon completion of the Breathwork we come out of the experience in silence and turn to our journals, mandalas, and art to process the experience first without words. In closing circle there will be an opportunity to share with the group if so inclined.

Once experienced, this is a tool that you can take home with you to use whenever you need a reset. While there are power in numbers, and the group experience brings its one unique quality to the work, YOUR breath goes with you wherever you are, thus you have the ability to access it whenever you feel the call!



Weekly Wednesdays~ Trance Dance





Wednesdays 9:45-11:30am

Blossom Yoga 315 W 18th St.

$12/person~~ Kids Free~~

This is a weekly intent Full facilitation to align you with the Highest Resonating Aspects of Self Discovery through Music & Movement. We create a Sacred and Safe container filled with Vibrational inspiration to stir the inner depths of your being and creativity.

The intent behind creating a weekly gathering is to honor the space and skin we are in ,in a devotional practice to activate the energy centers within individuals and the community. In creating a space for weekly movement practice we can unlock our minds by getting into our bodies and finding a journey within the music.

Music is geared toward current events and energies with a heavy EDM influence to activate all of your BEing! Much of the music is toned to the chakra frequencies. Playlists are made weekly to reflect the current time and space.

We are in a cataclysmic time in our evolution as Humans and dance provides a space to shake it up and out to allow more free flow within the expansive development of the world we are working to create!

Join Love of the Earth in some inspired play magic as we boogie and move. What more can we create in our commUnity??

Props Are Welcome in this Space!!!! (Hoops, poi, staff, fans, feathers, you name it) We have A lot of room for taking up space in this venue, so dont be shy!!

Show up as you are to open arms, and a judgement free container where all backgrouds and beliefs are seen and honored as equal!!!


Here is an idea of what this looks like…

9:45-10:00 Arrival and Sign in
10:00 Opening Circle and Intent
10:10-11:11 We DANCE
11:11 Closing Circle
11:30 Depart


Gift of Reiki Love

2017 is here! Step into the new year with a fresh start. Clear out the past to make room for the New Clear Energies coming in!



I have a limited number of “I Love You” certificates, $77 for 90 min sessions! Gift yourself or someone you love rejuvenation. This is an excellent opportunity, please don’t hesitate as these won’t last long<3

Contact Amanda to purchase your I Love You certificate today!

I Love YOU

Thursday’s at Blossom

Rejuvenation with Amanda @ Blossom Yoga

Every THURSDAY 12-1pm

315 W 18th St

Cheyenne Wyoming




This class is based on the elements of rejuvenation, relaxation of the physical body and re focus of mental/emotional bodies and is appropriate for all levels of experience. This is a foundational and alignment based Hatha class with an emphasis on pranayama and visualization. Through beginner asana we will address areas of stiffness and stagnancy due to the rigors of daily work life bringing in the meditative qualities that will bring stillness to your mind/body/Spirit to unlock a clearer space of observation of Self.


Sign Up Today!

Overnight Cacao Breathwork in MedicineBow Natl’ Forest




Welcome to the first Love of the Earth overnight (optional) Transformational Breathwork. We will be nestled under the blanket of snow high up in the Medicine Bow National Forest (9,300′) at the rustic Knapps Wycolo Lodge.

What is Transformational Breathwork~

Amanda creates a container to cultivate a deep inner process through the use of Shamanic drumming, LOUD vibrational sound healing music tuned to the chakras, Access Consciousness processing, Holy Fire Reiki and Shamanic Breathwork.This is a space where you hold FULL permission to BE and FEEL whatever comes up, free of judgement, free of limitation. Due to the loud music you have the ability to rise to your fullness in voice to laugh, cry, scream and GET IT OUT to induce a process of deep insight and transformation!

Group Breathwork is a great opportunity to dive deep within your personal experience while cultivating a more meaningful and deeper Spiritual connection through the support of community and the collective consciousness. Group sessions are a great way to break free from self judgement and self-doubt through the reflection of other beings on their journey. In this society laced with the illusion of separation, this sacred space cultivates a place where we can all find that common link, the Breath.

The power of intention in numbers can be a greatly impacting experience. A group Breathwork typically runs 4-5 hours. This process begins with group circle processing where each individual has the opportunity to participate in a 4-part check in (physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual), with Access Consciousness verbal processing and to set the intention of what you want to release and what you want to call in. At that point the group dives into the blindfolded musical journey with the Breath and with special music toned to your chakras and put together to take you through a journey either from the root chakra to the crown of from the crown chakra down to the root. The combination of the breath and the music give you the space to naturally alter your consciousness from your left thinker brain to your right creative brain. Upon completion of the journey you are invited to share integration snacks and have a Sacred Art Processing time to record your experience in the way that is right for you before follow up circle verbal processing time.
Raw Ceremonial Cacao is an optional addition to your experience. The benefits of cacao include increased creativity and relaxation, helps to ease you into a natural expansion, open heart center. Its warm and its yummy!
We will go over in depth how this may enhance your experience in opening circle!
Self Investment~ Three tiered pricing option, Choose what works for you!
Option 1 $40
Option 2 $50
Option 3 $60
Pre Registration and purchase required! There are only 11 spots available so register today!


Being that we are in the high country please note that there is no cell phone service in this area. Just print your maps or directions!


If you choose to stay overnight at the lodge it will be community style sleeping in the space we hold Breathwork in. Bring a mat, sleeping pad or air mattress to ensure your comfort.

Private lodging is also available through the lodge. Contact the lodge for questions at 307-742-6800.

*If overnight is not your bag we will be done officially with the Breathwork portion by 6pm. Dinner from 6-7.
Ceremonial Cacao Provided by Amanda for Breathwork and Creative time

Dinner will be provided as part of the facilitation. We will have supper following Breathwork form 6-7pm.
Potluck style snacks throughout the day. Please bring a healthful snack to share. Bring a water bottle. Hot tea and coffee provided.
Breakfast provided the following morning 8-9am


Tues Dec 27

Arrive 12pm
Opening Circle 1pm
Breathwork 3-4:30pm
Shakti Art Processing 4:30-5:30(and throughout the night)
Closing Circle 5:45pm
Dinner 6-7pm
Open Creative Time 7pm-bedtime

Wed Dec 28

Breakfast 8-9am
Departure 10:00am


4039 Hwy 230 Laramie, WY 82070
45 mi West of Laramie, WY
Be sure to look up directions prior to making the drive! Remember NO CELL SERVICE

Things to bring~

Water Bottle
Yoga Mat/ Sleeping bag
Art Supplies for Creative time
Eye Mask (We have some to share as well)
Open Heart/Open Mind


We are about 9,300′ at the lodge so be sure to drink extra water to help your system acclimate to the thin dry air. We are here to fly, but please be mindful of your vessel.



Special Holiday Transformational Breathwork w/ Amanda



When~ Saturday November 26,2016


Self Investment~ Sliding Scale $20, $30, $40 (pick the price that works for YOU)

Where~ Blossom Yoga Studio

315 West 18th St Cheyenne, WY

Facilitation~ Amanda Atkinson RMT

Pre Register


Have you been feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders? Do the Holidays trigger stress and anxiety for you? Are you ready to let go of the processes of the year? Are you looking for a place to dive in and cut loose? Are you home for a visit and looking for something different to do? Are you tired of the limiting vibration of fear and regret and ready to breathe into LOVE and FORGIVENESS? Are you ready to be submersed in the collective breath of GRATITUDE?

If you say YES to any of these please say YES to YOU and this opportunity to dive into more of who you BE! In this special 2 hour Thanksgiving break Breathwork you will have the opportunity to be held in a Safe and Sacred container to explore whatever it is you are working with currently. Amanda creates a container to cultivate a deep inner process through the use of Shamanic drumming, LOUD vibrational sound healing music tuned to the chakras, Access Consciousness processing, Holy Fire Reiki and Shamanic Breathwork.

This is a space where you hold FULL permission to BE and FEEL whatever comes up, free of judgement, free of limitation. Due to the loud music you have the ability to rise to your fullness in voice to laugh, cry, scream and GET IT OUT to induce a process of deep insight and transformation!

Come and enjoy an afternoon of connection and release in our new and beautiful space at Blossom Yoga!



Live Stream #yogachurch Find Your Flow Fridays w/ Amanda

Join Amanda every Friday 10:00 AM MST at #yogachurch on Facebook to have a guided flow in your space.

This class is based on the elements of rejuvenation, relaxation of the physical body and re focus of mental/emotional bodies and is appropriate for all levels of experience. This is a foundational and alignment based Hatha class with an emphasis on pranayama and visualization. Through beginner asana we will address areas of stiffness and stagnancy due to the rigors of daily work life and call in the meditative qualities that will bring stillness to your mind/body/Spirit. You will create the space to unlock a clearer state of observation of Self to activate creativity. Dive into a nice long Savasana infused with Holy Fire Reiki Chanting and Toning.

Amanda is a 200 HYT with training in Shambhava Yoga meditation, philosophy, asana and mantra. In addition to her yoga Amanda is an active member of the Holy Fire Reiki community and has been teaching and initiating others since 2012. This is a strong foundation to all facilitation she offers.

If you can’t make the time don’t worry! All #yogachurch classes are saved in our public group for you to practice at your convenience!
There are classes offered every day of the week by a great group of instructors! Stop in and breathe with us!
Find us on Facebook and join the group, #yogachurch
donations can be made to assist in the making of this magic at paypal, loveoftheearth@yahoo.comshoshoni4