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LOTE Family Reunion Time!!!





2016 Love of the Earth Family Reunion



Words can not express how excited I am for this years gathering of friends and family of Love of the Earth!! It is such a joy to be able to put this together to give thanks to our commUnity for the continued support of the work we do!





We have an incredible team of LOTE alumni facilitators to provide your experience into your personal power and abilities to heal thyself through Reiki, Shamanic Journey, Sound Healing, Light Therapy, Rife Machine, Ionic Foot Baths, Transformational Breathwork, Licensed Spiritual Counseling Yoga, Transformational Live Music and Family!!!IMG_6249

This experience is a three-day transformational weekend for YOU!



We are open to the Community

Fri 10-9, Sat 10-9, Sun 10-6
$11 Donation

More Information

11215767_1136880849673654_1094059715055737589_nIn addition to our Family Reunion we will be holding space as the Ascension Temple for our dear friends and fellow lightworkers, the Shamanic Boom Family for the weekend. Just down the hill from our space will be a three-day transformational festival with even more workshops and live music from the nation wide!! This will include live artists, live healing work, commUnity and ceremony with Spiritual leaders from this and other regions here to support the collective transformation of humanity and SO much MORE!


Tickets for Shamanic Boom Activation

Mental Health March~ Transformational Breathwork

BWLove of the Earth LLC, Blossom Yoga and Grace for 2 Brothers

Have joined for Mental Health March, to bring to you a FREE Community Transformational Breathwork!

When~ March 11, 2017 2-5pm (Arrive by 1:30) FIRST COME FIRST SERVE!!!

Where~ Blossom Yoga 315 W. 18th St. Cheyenne, WY


With the power of our breath we have the ability to find a reset in each moment. Transformational Breathwork is a tool that has been used for thousands of years to capture and restore our natural healthy state of being in mind, body and Spirit. In this container YOU have the opportunity to Breathe into a healthier awareness of the inner workings of Self discovery.

Release stress, anxiety, depression and more as you tap into the powerful Shamanic breath to ease you out of the left thinker, planner, do-er, worrier mind into the right creative, expansive, playful and productive mind.

This happens with the breath because as we breathe deeply in diaphragmatic breath we bring high levels of oxygen into the brain causing a natural state of altered consciousness. In this state of awareness we have the ability to transcend our analytical space of self judgement and come into the state of pure consciousness where our self limitations and insecurities can no longer hold us back. This give us the ability to observe our behaviors and thought patterns objectively.

We pair the breath with group processing to set and hold a safe and sacred container for all to explore whatever is at the surface of your experience. In processing we use THE FORMULA FOR HEALING (IDENTIFY, LOCATE, EMBRACE, DETACH) to associate and release what no longer serves. When we dive into the breath we utilize music tuned to the chakras and binaural frequencies to enhance and support a healthy state in all aspects of experience, physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual. Upon completion of the Breathwork we come out of the experience in silence and turn to our journals, mandalas, and art to process the experience first without words. In closing circle there will be an opportunity to share with the group if so inclined.

Once experienced, this is a tool that you can take home with you to use whenever you need a reset. While there are power in numbers, and the group experience brings its one unique quality to the work, YOUR breath goes with you wherever you are, thus you have the ability to access it whenever you feel the call!



Overnight Cacao Breathwork in MedicineBow Natl’ Forest




Welcome to the first Love of the Earth overnight (optional) Transformational Breathwork. We will be nestled under the blanket of snow high up in the Medicine Bow National Forest (9,300′) at the rustic Knapps Wycolo Lodge.

What is Transformational Breathwork~

Amanda creates a container to cultivate a deep inner process through the use of Shamanic drumming, LOUD vibrational sound healing music tuned to the chakras, Access Consciousness processing, Holy Fire Reiki and Shamanic Breathwork.This is a space where you hold FULL permission to BE and FEEL whatever comes up, free of judgement, free of limitation. Due to the loud music you have the ability to rise to your fullness in voice to laugh, cry, scream and GET IT OUT to induce a process of deep insight and transformation!

Group Breathwork is a great opportunity to dive deep within your personal experience while cultivating a more meaningful and deeper Spiritual connection through the support of community and the collective consciousness. Group sessions are a great way to break free from self judgement and self-doubt through the reflection of other beings on their journey. In this society laced with the illusion of separation, this sacred space cultivates a place where we can all find that common link, the Breath.

The power of intention in numbers can be a greatly impacting experience. A group Breathwork typically runs 4-5 hours. This process begins with group circle processing where each individual has the opportunity to participate in a 4-part check in (physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual), with Access Consciousness verbal processing and to set the intention of what you want to release and what you want to call in. At that point the group dives into the blindfolded musical journey with the Breath and with special music toned to your chakras and put together to take you through a journey either from the root chakra to the crown of from the crown chakra down to the root. The combination of the breath and the music give you the space to naturally alter your consciousness from your left thinker brain to your right creative brain. Upon completion of the journey you are invited to share integration snacks and have a Sacred Art Processing time to record your experience in the way that is right for you before follow up circle verbal processing time.
Raw Ceremonial Cacao is an optional addition to your experience. The benefits of cacao include increased creativity and relaxation, helps to ease you into a natural expansion, open heart center. Its warm and its yummy!
We will go over in depth how this may enhance your experience in opening circle!
Self Investment~ Three tiered pricing option, Choose what works for you!
Option 1 $40
Option 2 $50
Option 3 $60
Pre Registration and purchase required! There are only 11 spots available so register today!


Being that we are in the high country please note that there is no cell phone service in this area. Just print your maps or directions!


If you choose to stay overnight at the lodge it will be community style sleeping in the space we hold Breathwork in. Bring a mat, sleeping pad or air mattress to ensure your comfort.

Private lodging is also available through the lodge. Contact the lodge for questions at 307-742-6800.

*If overnight is not your bag we will be done officially with the Breathwork portion by 6pm. Dinner from 6-7.
Ceremonial Cacao Provided by Amanda for Breathwork and Creative time

Dinner will be provided as part of the facilitation. We will have supper following Breathwork form 6-7pm.
Potluck style snacks throughout the day. Please bring a healthful snack to share. Bring a water bottle. Hot tea and coffee provided.
Breakfast provided the following morning 8-9am


Tues Dec 27

Arrive 12pm
Opening Circle 1pm
Breathwork 3-4:30pm
Shakti Art Processing 4:30-5:30(and throughout the night)
Closing Circle 5:45pm
Dinner 6-7pm
Open Creative Time 7pm-bedtime

Wed Dec 28

Breakfast 8-9am
Departure 10:00am


4039 Hwy 230 Laramie, WY 82070
45 mi West of Laramie, WY
Be sure to look up directions prior to making the drive! Remember NO CELL SERVICE

Things to bring~

Water Bottle
Yoga Mat/ Sleeping bag
Art Supplies for Creative time
Eye Mask (We have some to share as well)
Open Heart/Open Mind


We are about 9,300′ at the lodge so be sure to drink extra water to help your system acclimate to the thin dry air. We are here to fly, but please be mindful of your vessel.



Special Holiday Transformational Breathwork w/ Amanda



When~ Saturday November 26,2016


Self Investment~ Sliding Scale $20, $30, $40 (pick the price that works for YOU)

Where~ Blossom Yoga Studio

315 West 18th St Cheyenne, WY

Facilitation~ Amanda Atkinson RMT

Pre Register


Have you been feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders? Do the Holidays trigger stress and anxiety for you? Are you ready to let go of the processes of the year? Are you looking for a place to dive in and cut loose? Are you home for a visit and looking for something different to do? Are you tired of the limiting vibration of fear and regret and ready to breathe into LOVE and FORGIVENESS? Are you ready to be submersed in the collective breath of GRATITUDE?

If you say YES to any of these please say YES to YOU and this opportunity to dive into more of who you BE! In this special 2 hour Thanksgiving break Breathwork you will have the opportunity to be held in a Safe and Sacred container to explore whatever it is you are working with currently. Amanda creates a container to cultivate a deep inner process through the use of Shamanic drumming, LOUD vibrational sound healing music tuned to the chakras, Access Consciousness processing, Holy Fire Reiki and Shamanic Breathwork.

This is a space where you hold FULL permission to BE and FEEL whatever comes up, free of judgement, free of limitation. Due to the loud music you have the ability to rise to your fullness in voice to laugh, cry, scream and GET IT OUT to induce a process of deep insight and transformation!

Come and enjoy an afternoon of connection and release in our new and beautiful space at Blossom Yoga!