Turtle Rock

Community Circles

Evening of Breath

Join Amanda for an evening of exploration of breath, movement of perception, transformation and gentle community.

There is no greater tool we possess then that of the reset of our breath. Our breath has the power to align, awaken, inspire, release, transmute and expand our essence to reveal your inner truth. You are the vessel and the pilot of your journey.


This is a space where your heart will lead the way. As your witness it is an honor to hold a safe space for your journey to unfold.

Space is Limited, please RSVP

When: Friday February 21, 2020 5-7pm
Where: Love of the Earth
817 Old Trail Rd 82001
Suggested Donation: $10-$20 / person
(((Donations recommend but not required)))

Amanda is a Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master with in depth training in multiple modalities of breath awareness and pranayama. Amanda has 10+ years of experience in facilitating circles of transformation for her community and has a heart of service for all of Earths Children.

Sunday Community Prayer Circle

At Love of the Earth                                                                                                    Every Sunday 3:33-4:44                                                                                                   817 Old Trail Rd. 82001

We gather together no head, no tail to BE Present with one another. Non Denominational and open to ALL!

Meditation, Sharing, Drum Circle, Song, Art, Movement, Reiki, Prayer, Fellowship AND TEA!!!!

Each week we will meet the needs of the circle and join in a way that is supportive to the collective energy. No agenda other than to gather in one heart!!!

Donations Welcomed::

Non Perishable Food or Monetary

Donations are collected for the Comea Shelter

follow your heart foundation

Opportunities to Serve!!!

Our group likes to serve dinner a few times a month at Comea!! We always welcome extra hands and hearts!!!

All donations go through the local 501c3 Non Profit Follow Your Heart Foundation (2019-000847281)


"Follow Your Heart"