Donation Based Community Circles

Monday Mantra Meditation

Mondays 10:00 am
1107 W 6th Ave.
$7 Suggested Donation

Mantra is the repetition of a phrase or syllables to give focus for the mind in meditation.
We visit a traditional 108 rounds of Mantra followed by silent meditation. this meditation is done seated in an upright position on the floor or in a chair.

or catch it on YouTube at Love of the Earth


First Wednesday Women’s Circle


The Divine Feminine is Awake and Rising in our Hearts!!! There is strength in numbers when women come together to empower, enrich and enliven each other. Join Love of the Earth and the women of our Cheyenne CommUnity in an evening of sharing.

This circle is manifested to create a safe, grounded, unified, non judgmental space where woman of all ages, child, maiden, mother and crone can come together for female companionship, support and mentor~ship.

Evening gatherings will consist of Opening of Sacred Sis Star Space, sharing stories, tools of transformation and hot tea. This will be what it needs to be in each moment evolving in feminine energy as each circle forms.

 Donation Based Community Gathering Open to Women of All Ages

First Wednesday Monthly 5:30-7pm

Suggested donation $5 for adults

1107 W. 6th Ave.

Upcoming Dates: February 6

Contact Amanda for more information


Third Wednesday Community Wellness Circle


Join us!!! All ages, all bodies! This is a place for our families to gather for Spiritual community support and connection!

This circle will be offered every 3 Wednesday of the month on a donation basis!

We will have a rotation of hosts offering a different focus each month. Reiki, guided meditation, Sound Healing, yoga, essential oils, and nutrition to name a few!!! If you have something you would like to offer the community please contact  Amanda

 Donation Based Community Gathering Open to Humans of All Ages

third Wednesday Monthly 5:30-7pm

Suggested donation $5 for adults

1107 W. 6th Ave.

Upcoming Dates: January 16

"Follow Your Heart"