Fall Equinox Woman’s Seminar









Some Things You Will Learn

Touch Your Sacred Feminine

Get Your Health back

Find your Life Mission

Attract Abundance to Your Family

Access Super Abilities with Gyud Method

Awaken Feminine Power

Enhance Self Confidance

Get Rid of all Stress and Depression

Get Rid of al illness and Insomnia

Meet Your Soulmate

Know how to Protect Children and Family

Connect with the Objects of Power


Sept. 22-26, 2019

Cheyenne, WY

Exchange for Teachings

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Camp Under the Stars

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Four Nights $44

Tents available for a $20 security deposit OR Bring your own


10 Indoor Beds Available

One Night $22

Three Nights $66

Four Nights $88

First Come First Serve


1 Day $33

3 Days $99

5 Days $ 144

Includes 3 meals/day, snacks and tea

Vegetarian Options available


Overview of the Seminar::

Schedule is Subject to Change


Womb cleanse


“According to ancestral knowledge, women have to purify her main energetical center. Her womb lost in time and traditions, а woman no longer knows the power inside of her womb, nor how to protect her energy and to fill herself with positive energy. That is why every month, regularly she needs to have а womb cleanse. It’s the BASIS of getting her power back.

This is not only related to deeper levels, it is about consistency and intention. There are so many influences, that our womb will never be clean 100% all time. We need to have this practice with the help of а high level power, and do the practices that we learn to continue this purification until our next CLEANSING.”


Woman of power


“• Natural technique to get rid of all stress and depression

• Abundance ritual to find your life-mission

• Unconditional love of the Universe, manifested in female nature. Types (levels) of love in this physical world. Unconditional love in a relationship

• Practice “”Heart of the beloved”” – will allow you to meet your soulmate very soon or to return mutual understanding and balance in the relationship.

• Cleansing of female karma (female lineage) from negative information. The rewriting of the generic scenario.

• Awakening the fire of strength and courage, liberating from fear, protecting the lovely flower of love in your heart.

• Ancient methods get rid of illnesses and insomnia

• The ceremony of awakening of sensuality and intuition.  Temple female dance to meet your soulmate

• Rituals of protection and purification, freedom from other people’s opinions and influence. Morning mood set for the day for protection and evening practice of purification from outside influences

•  Priestly secrets of youth and beauty for women’s health.

• Science-based method Gyud to discover and activate your healing super-abilities

Natural, soft and effective techniques of Siberia to awaken female power and restore health. Returning of your feminine power and prosperity from the past: from past relationships and memories. The cleansing of the uterus – sacred center of feminine power.

• Types of purposes of life. The search for and implementation of the purpose life. Wealth and work in a feminine way.

• Women’s household magic: beauty, cooking and fulfillment of desires.

• 10 tips from the Spirits of Siberia for women for every day.


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Individual Sessions available::

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