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New 2020 Schedule

Sunday 3:33pm Arrive 3:00

Led by Priestess Amanda Mandjula Atkinson Field of Love Leader

817 Old Trail Rd

Join us weekly for a Donation Based offering to create a space of community and LOVE for all beings on Earth!!!! Bring photos of your loved ones and let’s surround every single experience in this life with the most potent medicine on the planet::: LOVE:::

 What does the meditation look like?

Step 1: Purify the physical body through breath and intention
Step 2:: Purify the Emotions through breath and intention
Step 3:: Purify the mental body with breath and intention
Step 4:: open the heart space and create a collective intention of vitality and wellness
Step 5:: see our families, pets, business, community, country, planet as vitally whole and harmonious
Step 6:: Grow the vision; expand the experience through (God; Spirit; Creator)
Step 7:: Breathe and Receive
Step 8:: Close in Gratitude
Whole thing takes about 30-45 min
Those who can’t come in person can join via this number on the phone of on Amanda Aura Atkinson FB Live
Conference Call Line::

From our Dear Tutor and Founder of Field of Love, Shakuntali

We are helping to create harmony in relationships and healthy families, support women and children. Our aim is to help women and children, who was hit by sexual violence, to take care about homeless children and help them to find a new family. To stop violence and aggression creating love and protection field.

To promote the generic improvement of the nation through the creation of a culture of gender relations in the family and society. Promote peacemaking initiatives in the society through the strengthening of interpreter harmony for the benefits of the well-being of future generations.



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Cheyenne Workshops

Greatest Women of Power Course Series

aphrodite w

Join us Jan 12, 5-7pm to dive into the feminine secrets of Aphrodite!!

$180 for full 10 class course
$20 Drop In
New Person; First Class Free

Aphrodite was born of the Mediterranean Sea at the island of Cyprus. The birth of Aphrodite brought the birth of beauty, femininity and compassion to the world.

In this 2 hour workshop you will ::
tap into your feminine qualities to improve health
Learn the art of attraction of ideal relationships and improving existing relationships
increase self esteem
attraction of abundance.

This course includes::
lecture about our Great Woman
short video introduction to these qualities
breath and movement for activation and reflection
meditation to attune these qualities

This is a space dedicated to activation of the Divine Feminine, to the rising of compassion in our world

Join us and reveal within yourself the Greatest Woman of Power!

RSVP 307-421-8469

Women of Power Workshops to Follow:

Dates Subject to Change*

Amazons~ Sufficiency of the Warrior Sunday Jan 19, 5-7pmAmazons

Cleopatra~ Confidence of a Queen Sunday Jan 26, 5-7pmCleopatra

Diane De Pontiers~ Art of Seduction Sunday Feb 2, 5-7pmDiane de Poitiers

.Geisha~ Charm Without Words Sunday Feb 9, 5-7pmGeisha

Hurram Sultan~ Mistress of the Heart Sunday Feb 16, 5-7pmHurrem Sultan

Scheherazade~ The Art of Intrigue Sunday Feb 23, 5-7pmScheherazade

Thais of Athens~ Source of Inspiration Sunday March 1, 5-7pmThais

Toltec Witch~ Power of a Woman Sunday March 8, 5-7pmToltec Witch

Vasalisa The Beautiful~ Wisdom of the Soul Sun March 15, 5-7pmVasilisa the Beautiful

"Follow Your Heart"