Greenfaith Ministry Collective 501c3

Love of the Earth is proud to announce our affiliation with our new Cheyenne Community Outreach Program!!!!

Greenfaith Ministry Collective Non-Profit 501c3. We filed with the state of Wyoming January 14, 2019.

Mission Statement:   Our mission is to create community and UNITY through outreach services and provide crisis support for veterans, battered women and children, the homeless community , the terminally ill, and hospice with outreach including, but not limited to , mental & emotional support through our vast network of facilitators, food, shelter and basic needs, scholarships and education, home repair and minimal automotive repair.

We are partnered with Greenfaith Ministry NAC and Full Spectrum Gardens Hemp Farm in Colorado to provide locally sourced Hemp CBD products from a trusted source from seed to product. We take great measures to provide quality products and services on a donation basis. All donations go to provide for our outreach program.

We welcome all donations!


Board Members:

Rev Bridget Garcia , Rev Amanda Atkinson , Anne Schmidt , Amy Speck, Chuck Garcia and Rev Brandon Baker


Outreach Contact:


Please follow the link to fill our out outreach intake form below.

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