Love of the Earth Reiki Symbols



Excerpts from Love of the Earth

Hirh RahTu Reiki System

All Right Reserved 2017

Written and Channeled by Celestia

Amanda Atkinson RMT

Founder of Love of the Earth LLC


The LOTE Reiki System is essentially a family of symbols that open us to a greater awareness of our Divine Self. As we move through this global and galactic awakening, many changes are occurring in and all around us. Through these symbols we are given very specific keys to help us unlock deeper levels of who we Be and what it is we are here to do. In addition to the personal development, these symbols encourage healthy growth and boundaries in relationships. There are also many that are purposed for the healing and re connection of all living things on Earth and beyond. Through the simple attunement process that was given during the downloads of the symbols, we are able to easily identify with and share these symbols as guided by Spirit. I believe these tools have come at this time to help us all remember that separation is nothing more than an illusion and that when we are in allowance of that concept we can clearly see the connection to all things on a physical, mental, emotional, and Spiritual plane in the microcosm and the macrocosm.

There are 20 symbols and counting that I have channeled so far in this system, each with a specific purpose for collective global healing. These 20 symbols have been broken down into three attunement levels. They have been broken down in this way as to bring ease and grace into the integration process of the tools, to encourage a greater relationship and understanding of each. I like to think of these symbols as each offering a personal relationship that develops in richness and mystery over time. The more time you spend with each the deeper the meaning and power that unfolds through your heart as the principles and attributes they carry become One with your Being.
Through sharing the gift of Holy Fire Reiki with initiates we have found a consistency with others also channeling symbols to assist in the collective awakening. Many of the Love of the Earth initiates are seeing consistent results when working with the various symbols that have come through. I look forward to witnessing this continued evolution as we work together to bring these energies to the Earth!

The system is broken down into three levels, with a fourth already being developed. The current three levels are as follows…


The first level is based on the concept that separation is an illusion. The 5 symbols therein assist in freeing one from the illusion of “story.” They induce a state of Self Observation to be able to begin the process of releasing what does not serve the highest good. This level creates the space to be in allowance of detaching from lower vibrating energies, and identities of judgement of Self and others. This works in all forms of relationship and the cords that we subconsciously create therein


The second level catalyzes the remembering of Higher Soul Purpose. It moves through all aspects of past life Karma, bringing a Sacred Space to alleviate self-destructive patterning. This aspect brings with it the ability to observe these patterns clearly and objectively from a place of deep appreciation and Self Love, thus allowing one to bring forth the knowledge and lessons from those memories into this third dimensional existence. This allows us to ground into our roots here on Gaia, and remember our power.


The third level creates the space for a total activation of the human and planetary merkaba field. Through this activation an opening of the Sacred Heart, occurs allowing a clearing of any and all Soul contracts through all time and space that are not of the highest resonation of your Higher Self. It eliminates and transmutes all energy drains that were not put in place with consent. In addition, it eliminates the illusion of duality bringing in harmony to all aspects of experience.


I have been clearly guided to include some prerequisites to assist all beings in getting the most out of the LOTE Activation system. I believe that a strong foundation is an integral part to any successful healing modality. Therefore, I have decided to include Holy Fire Usui Reiki I&II and ART/Master as prerequisites for this advanced level modality.
I know from experience that the simple yet powerful techniques as developed by Usui Sensi, Dr. Hayishi, Mrs. Takata, and William Rand of the ICRT in the original Usui Reiki system, provide great insight as to work with the healing energies on a very efficient level. In my personal opinion, a tool is just a tool unless you are taught how to use it. I would not feel comfortable sending these tools out into the world without providing your first with a solid foundation from which to explore. In addition, this modality/system came to me through the attunement of the Usui Reiki energies. Therefore, I see a very direct connection to the specific way Reiki energy opens and aligns your chakra system to allow these frequencies to integrate at a fully efficient level.
These tools are utterly transformational, I aim to pass along the tools I have learned to best assist YOU in your Spiritual growth and development, that is my vow to you as the Being charged with bringing this information to collective consciousness.

If this information resonates and you would like to go through the full initiation please feel free to contact me!


As you come to learn the symbols and the use of this system I would like to highlight the importance of intention, and emphasize the use of some techniques to preserve the integrity of the work you do as well as your personal energetic space.
When working with energy of any kind it is important to remember that we are all connected to the Earth, and to Source. When activating the system, it is recommended to call upon your highest resonating angels, guides, and guards from the third heaven. The language I use in my opening prayer is specific to the Reiki training I have received through the ICRT, and through my Transformational Breathwork training. Teaching the importance of the elements and directions.


An example of my opening prayer is as follows…

“Winds of the South, Great Serpent, I thank you for wrapping me in your protective coils and teaching us to shed our skins and be reborn. Thank you for holding us in a Sacred space.

Winds of the West, Sister Jaguar, thank you for teaching us of your grace and strength, and how to walk the beauty path, thank you for holding us in a Sacred space.

Winds of the North, Royal Hummingbird, thank you for teaching us to taste and appreciate the sweet nectar of life, thank you Ancestors for your wisdom, thank you for holding us in a Sacred space.

Winds of the East, Great Condor, thank you for your higher vision and helping us to see the unseen and for helping us to rise above our troubles. Thank you for holding us in a Sacred space.

Father Sky, thank you for watching over us and providing your mystery. Grandfather Sun thank you for your life nourishing rays of light. Grandmother Moon, thank you for teaching us emotions and helping us be in your flow. Mama Gaia, thank you for a place to plant our feet and a place to grow our roots within your womb. Thank you for this Sacred space.

Mother/Father God, Highest resonating Angels, Guides and Guards of the third heaven, thank you for your guidance and assistance as you hold us in a Sacred space.

I give thanks for my ego and personality stepping aside as my Reiki energies build, that I may be a Divine channel of light.

Aho, Thank you, Amen.”

Whatever background you come from, whatever energies you call on, by stating that you call on, “the highest resonation” you ensure that you are working with high vibrational light beings not influenced by ego or duality.
I cannot stress enough the importance of us setting our intention for the highest good of all creation, in these fast changing energetic times. We are in the midst of breaking a multiple thousand-year-old patriarchal patterning of separation and lack and external power. In order to efficiently bring in the changes, we seek we must realize our power as manifestos.
An example of our intention is this…How many times have you felt as if you were at the bottom of your barrel and cried out, “How does it get any worse than this?” When in that position, and upon asking that question, how many times have you been met with more perceived stress or tragedy?
In the reverse, how many times have you found yourself in a seemingly blessed situation and cried out, “How does it get any better than this?” When in that vibration how many times were you met with more miracles??
Now I offer you this point of view…What if in any situation we asked the question, ‘How does it get better than this?” Wouldn’t it stand to reason that the Universe would provide you with the answer to your question?
I invite you on this journey of symbols and energy to put your intention in the front of your priorities. As you dive into this practice, you will begin to find that you bring that Sacred intention into all aspects of your life and existence. This is how we create. This is how we catalyze change in our personal and collective experience.
A hammer can be a tool of creation and transformation with the enlightened intention and proper use. That same hammer can be turned into a gross object of destruction and cause much pain with ill intent.
These tools I offer beg to be laced with the intention of the highest good for all of creation, ALL of life, ALL of humanity.
May you always follow your heart and use this system with enlightened intent.





These definitions have been compiled through personal experience meditating on, and utilizing, the symbols in my Reiki practice. I have attuned many of my clients and students to these symbols as I have been guided to do so to share the exploration of the energies they unlock. It has been an ongoing Self-discovery through Reiki meditation and Transformational Breathwork, that I have been given these keys of transformation. My personal inter-dimensional connection to the Universe and intergalactic Beings has opened me up to receive the blessings I am about to share.
Most of these symbols were channeled by myself, but not all. Some of these symbols that we are still getting to know for the 4th and next level of this system were channeled by Reiki students, of Love of the Earth. This is an ongoing vortex of information that is coming through the channels of higher consciousness from the 5th-9th dimensions. All of the symbols were channeled either in Sacred Space held by my Breathwork teachers or held in guided Reiki Meditation into the third heaven (a realm where ego is nonexistent: Where Archangels, Ascended Masters, and Sentient Light beings dwell.) The Beings that I have personally interacted with are that of Arcturian descent. In my understanding from personal experience with Sanat Kumara, an Arcturian Starship Commander (the being I encountered in a Be Free Transformational Breathwork experience.) These beings are here to help guide humanity into elevated states of consciousness, to help us break out of the confining system that holds to separation and lack, causing us to believe that we are alone and without purpose on this planet.
These symbols are a gift to bring forth the remembering and observational skills to rise above the suppression that is killing our Divine planet, and all the life she holds dear. These symbols help us see the True Divine Nature in all of creation and our connection to our Higher Self. They help us to identify with our unique personal gifts that are innately weaved into our DNA. These are the tools for humanity to reconnect the 3rd strand of DNA, opening us up to our Infinite Divine nature to use the abilities that we as a whole consciousness is only beginning to realize.
I encourage you to “play” with these symbols. Follow your intuition, experiment, observe the results. There is an infinite amount of variables as to how and when these symbols can be used. Your Divine Self may receive guidance as how to use them in different situations…PLEASE follow your guidance as your experiences will help us to deepen the relationship we can cultivate together as a collective consciousness.
I have always thought of them as friends, the more time we spend together the better we understand each other and the richer the connection can grow. As we get to know them we get to know our selves, for essentially they are a reflection of the Oneness that is within all living things and YOU! These are the friends of higher guidance that help us SEE what it is we are here to BE.


The connection lies physically and energetically within the 7 chakra system: the palm chakras of the hands, the grounding chakras in your feet, and what I refer to as the Universal Chakra System. Mentally and Spiritually we are connected through a form of communication known as mental, or holographic, telepathy. We have the ability to communicate with the symbols though clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, and Clair-cognizance. It is the same way we connect with our Spirit Guides, and the Angelic realm.
The symbols can be activated by silently repeating them three times to yourself. By drawing them on your hands. By drawing them in the air around you or in front of a client/family member. By chanting them aloud. By mentally asking them to activate.
Essentially, any way YOU feel guided to activate them is correct. These are just the ways myself and others working with the system thus far have been guided to activate them. As always Love of the Earth’s number one teaching is to follow your heart.



The first level is based on the concept that separation is an illusion. The 5 symbols therein assist in freeing one from the illusion of “story.” They induce a state of Self Observation, to be able to begin the process of releasing what does not serve the highest good. This level creates the space to be in allowance of detaching from lower vibrating energies, and identities of judgement of Self, and others. This works in all forms of relationship, and the cords that we subconsciously, and consciously create therein.

Hirh Rah Tu~
Intergalactic Origin, Arcturian
Color Association, Purple
Chakra, 7th Crown
The Hirh Rah Tu is the first symbol that was channeled originally in my Reiki training on February 20, 2011. It is the master attunement symbol that opens your energy body to receive all the other symbols. Its use is to promote release and separation of the Id, Ego, Super Ego, creating a deep emotional purification.
To be able to deeply purify Self, or Space, creating a space of observation rather than participation in the Ego mind state of separation and lack; Allows one to view themselves in an objective manner. This uncovers the ability to use the emotional state as a tool for growth and expansion rather than the driving force for decision making. TO SEE CLEARLY. Help one to see their deepest fears and Self-limiting beliefs, creating the space for release.
Three to six days passed “attunement” the emotional release purification process manifests into the physical aspect of release. Most often being seen as our deepest fears and self-limitations, prompting deep realizations followed by a great breath of release and feelings of great expansion, relief and free-ness.

Nih Khan Tah~
Shintu Origin
Color Association, Green
Chakra, 4th Heart
The Nih Khan Tah was channeled on May 10, 2014.
It is associated with the heart chakra. Promotes a vast opening of the heart center triad creating the space to detach and transmute non serving relationship cords, whilst amplifying the high vibrational cords set in intention of the highest good of all creation. Assists in helping one to see, feel and express themselves from an authentic heart space. Boosts Self compassion creating a healthy heart center. Opens the heart to a fuller understanding of SELF. Assists in entity attachment removal in psychic surgery.

Sah Rah~ Light of the Sun
Egyptian Origin
Color Association, Yellow
Chakra, 3rd Solar Plexus
The Sah Rah was channeled on May 10, 2014
It promotes an ignition of inner passion, reminding one of their Soul purpose on this planet. It also cultivates a deeper detachment of the Super Ego’s limiting belief systems, creating the space to identify and follow one’s inner guidance. Burns up and out old stagnant patterns and habits. Aids in addiction recovery, allowing one to see who they Be when not identifying with their habits.

Shin Tu
Lumerian Origin
Color Association, Blue
Chakra, 5th Throat
The Shin Tu was channeled on May 10, 2014.
Promotes relief from physical pain. It does this by creating the space for one to step out of participation, into observation of the pain to begin to use it and understand it as the tool it was meant to be. It allows one to develop a deeper relationship with the message the physical pain is imbuing, showing one where they can infuse more Self-love giving attention to the root of the pain. This integrates a transmutation into growth and expansion. Creates physical restorative balance and harmony.

Hirh Ran~
Intergalactic Origin~Arcturian
Color Association, Orange
Chakra, 2nd Sacral
The Hirh Ran was channeled on October 11, 2014.
Alleviates non resonant relationship cords in and around the Solar Plexus and Sacral chakras, whilst developing and strengthening cords that exist in a Divine vibration. Allows one to connect deeply with their emotional center, realizing the gift and purpose of the emotional body. Increases feelings of contentment and Self-understanding. Allows one to create a space of objective understanding within relationships with other living Beings. Use in conjunction with the Nih Khan Tah, to bring balance and harmony into challenging relationships.


The second level catalyzes the remembering of Higher Soul Purpose. It moves through all aspects of past life Karma bringing a Sacred Space to alleviate self-destructive patterning. This aspect brings with it the ability to observe these patterns clearly and objectively from a place of deep appreciation and Self Love. This allows one to bring forth the knowledge and lessons from those memories into this third dimensional existence. It assists in eliminating the fear of success in following your life purpose.

Nih Khan Tu
Origin, Shintu
Color Association, Red
Chakra, 1st Root
The Nih Khan Tu was channeled on June 19, 2014.
Assists in the manifestation of goals. Creating a space to remember your alignment of higher Soul purpose. It connects the total energy field of all energies from the individual field all the way to the collective web of creation. Catalyzes a remembrance of Oneness. Brings Peace in new forms and levels on a planetary, and intergalactic level.

Hoka Shante’
Origin, Intergalactic
Color Association, Indigo
Chakra, 7th Crown
The Hoka Shante’ was channeled on June 19, 2014
This symbol transcends time and space. This is the symbol used for distance healing. It aids in the deep healing of past lives and karma. Can eliminate time and space, erasing any illusion of separation and duality. Reminds one of their infinite connection to Source, and all of creation. Opens the doors to connect with the akashic records.

Hirh Khan~ To Surround with a shield of Love
Origin, Intergalactic
Color Association, White/Opalescent
Chakra, Hands
The Hirh Khan was channeled on March 15, 2015
Determination, fortitude, and self-discipline are some of the qualities possessed by this key. This is the master Space Holding symbol. Creates a vibration of unconditional Love, holding a defined space through intention for awareness of non judgement and allowance. Great for clearing space on non-resonant energies, and transmuting them into a vibration that will benefit all of creation.

Zirha ~ To Honor Ones Power
Origin, Egyptian
Color Association, Light Pink
The Zirha was channeled on April 12, 2015
Assists in identifying irrational fears about accepting, and living, in one’s personal power from an awareness of higher self. Helps to eliminate the limiting beliefs of not being worth or good enough to embrace ones’ gifts. Also, helps to identify and release non serving physical pain and patterns of holding that tension.

Zin Tahr ~ Inter Relationship with Money
Color Association
Zin Tahr was channeled on June 9, 2015
Dealing with the relationship with money, control, and creativity. Helps to break the dependent cycle of lack in the financial matrix, allowing one to access their creativity in monetary abundance. Assists in defragging old outdated belief systems having to do with how we are supported in this third dimensional plane.


Level Tree initiates the total reactivation of the human and planetary merkaba field. These symbols encourage an opening of the Sacred Heart. Assists in clearing any outdated soul contracts through all time and space that are no longer serving the highest good. Eliminates and seals all energy cords and leaks that were placed without consent. This set of symbols are not associated with any of the main 7 chakras as they work more deeply with the outer layers of the etheric field.

Khin Tah
Origin Intergalactic
Channeled April 22, 2012
Assists in clearing Soul contracts that are non-resonant with your Divine nature. Takes special care to remove and transmute any connections that are holding back your given gifts and Soul purpose.

Hirh Rah
Origin Intergalactic
Channeled April 22, 2012
To activate the light of the sun. Allows one to connect deeply with ancestral ties to activate the memories that create collective growth. Aids in the activation of the human and planetary merkaba fields, activating further the recessed DNA strands.

Ki Nah
Origin Intergalactic
Channeled February 18, 2012
Teaches one to give and receive freely and reciprocally in relationship with Self and with others. Instills the ability to shed beliefs that create the “lack” mentality, helping you to see that you are worthy to receive abundance in all forms.

Khan Ti
Origin Aztec/ Mayan
Channeled October 10, 2015
Eliminates the illusion of duality and separation and lack creating a judgement free perspective off all life circumstances.

Origin Intergalactic Arcturian
Channeled February 28, 2016
Instills Divine Love into the Sacred heart triad connecting the heart/brain to help illuminate self-destructive thoughts.

Hirh Ran Surya
Origin Shintu
Channeled June 25, 2016
Promotes self-forgiveness on a very deep subconscious level, helping us to forgive past deeds and interactions where we hold judgement that creates resistance in our fields.

Aya Ran                                                                                                                       

Origin Egyption

Association Third Eye chakra

To illuminate that which is hidden. To activate the pituitary gland as to see more clearly through all dimensions.


Origin Earth

To connect us in with the global weave restructuring our physical cells with the higher resonance that the Earth is currently shifting into.

Ah Ti Ahra

Origin Arcturian

To allow our cellular composition to have an easier time of transition as we dimensionally travel to the planes between the 15th and 25th dimension. Acts as a physical anesthetic to alleviate ascension symptoms as we connect with and gather higher frequencies for the evolution of human consciousness and the earth.

Tar Rat Hu Khor

Origin Arcturian

Represents and activates all aspects of experience within and without. Activation North, South, East and West, Above, Below, Within and Without. Used in conjunction with the frequencies of the heart chakra.

As I, we, work with these symbols more of their meaning and purpose will become clear. As the LOTE Reiki family grows through sharing the gift of Holy Fire many of the initiates are also channeling symbols in their experiences. With all our efforts and energies combined I have faith that we will transform this planet into a higher frequency of consciousness. I look forward to adding to this amazing gift as we continue to inspire one another!

The Images of the symbols will be up as soon as I can get em there!! Thank you all for your patience so far! Happy Full Moon!

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