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I am happy to announce that after completing my first half of Shambhava Yoga certification and having a few weeks to let it all sink in that I am feeling inspired to begin my practice teaching journey to refine what I have learned. I have found great expansion in my personal practice through these techniques and with it a stillness in my center that is noticeably more present.  Throughout this summer  I am gathering experience in teaching through this opportunity, therefore I ask only a $40 investment for my time<3

What that means for you is that I am now offering personalized 90 min Asana & Pranayama sessions. I am working with Hatha Asana which is geared towards building a solid foundation with proper alignment. We will spend plenty of time breaking down each asana to find where your work is in the pose, optimizing the benefit you receive from your efforts. In addition we will spend time learning how our breath can realign and center our mental/emotional state and how to begin integrating these techniques into your daily life. We will also touch on a variety of Shambhava meditation and mantra techniques that can benefit beginner to advanced level practices.

I have always believed that a strong foundation is the key to a successful practice of any kind. Through this work I am finding every day a deeper connection with my foundation and more ways to stay aligned in optimal health in all aspects of experience.

I very much look forward to sharing this time and experience with you.





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