One on One Integrated Sessions

Love of the Earth is undergoing a shift in software. We will no longer be running MindBody for online scheduling.

All Scheduling will now be done through phone (text or call) or email.

Existing clients not required to fill out new client application! Just give me a text, call or email!

307-421-8469 or

New Clients, To Schedule Complete

New Client Application

Amanda will contact you for a complimentary 20 min phone consultation upon completion of application!

This process is to determine whether the practitioner is a good fit for you and to discuss options for your goals.


~Commitment to Self Discovery~

One on One Session Options

All session options are designed with intent to take you deeper into your Self Discovery. With the format of multiple session packages you have the opportunity to make a deep commitment to YOURSELF with lasting results! All session options are formatted to ensure your maximum expansion based on your goals. Sliding scale available upon request.

Single sessions are not encouraged, however can be requested and accepted at Love of the Earth LLC’s discretion upon completion of the New Client Application Form

What are My Options?

Integrated Sessions

Four 90 min  Integrated Reiki Sessions $333

This option is all about table time. You receive 4, 90 min sessions scheduled weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Integrated sessions include multiple modalities as guided by Spirit and the practitioner. Modalities offered include Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki, Fairey Reiki, Access Consciousness, The Bars, Integrated Pranayama, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Shamanic Journey and Elemental Earth Wisdom.

Four 90 min Personal Yoga/Pranayama Sessions $333

This option ranges from beginner level Hatha Yoga to deepening your existing yoga practice, dependent on your goals and experience. You receive 4, 90 min sessions scheduled weekly, bi- weekly or monthly. Yoga sessions are led from the foundation of 200hr YYT Shambhava Hatha Yoga  Asana(postures), Pranayama(breath regulation), Meditation and Mantra(repetition of syllables)

Six 60 min Sessions Go Deeper; Integrated Journey of Self Discovery~  $528

This option offers a deeper look into the power of the different tools Love of the Earth has to offer. You receive 6, 60 min sessions scheduled weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. You will experience the following modalities in this order from week 1-6.  Mantra and Movement, Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki Personal Yoga/Pranayama, Shamanic Journey, Integrated Breathwork, Tibetan Sound Healing.


Reiki Certification~

Holy Fire II Usui Reiki I&II $333

Holy Fire II Usui ART/Master $877

Holy Fire II Karuna® Master $877

Class Descriptions

Payments accepted via Venmo or PayPal(, Check and Cash









"Follow Your Heart"