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 What is Holy Fire II Karuna® Reiki?

Holy Fire Reiki is the most recent evolution of the Reiki energies present on this planet today. Reiki is defined as Rei (spiritually guided) Ki (life force energy). Karuna® is defined as compassionate action. So a reasonable definition of Holy Fire II Karuna® Reiki is this…It is refined compassionate life force energy in conscious action channeled through sentient beings to promote the overall well being of all living things. It is preformed through laying on of hands, guided meditation and toning and chanting.  It is a relaxing and empowering experience that can help open your Spirit to a variety of possibilities that encourage transformation on all levels.

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What is Faerie Reiki?

Reiki defined a s Rei(spiritually guided) Ki(energy) is the basis for the flow of energy preformed through intention and laying on of hands. Faerie Reiki is special in its deep connection to the elemental beings. Working closely with the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether Faerie Reiki deepens or connection with our elemental wisdom and provides relief for a variety of experiences.

What is  Shambhava Hatha Yoga?

Yoga is defined as the union of the body, mind and Spirit. Hatha yoga is a practice focused on breath regulation, foundation and alignment. In Hatha yoga you work within each pose for 2-5 breaths fine tuning alignment along the way. Props such as blanket, block, bolster and strap are encouraged to help you get the most from your practice. Pranayama (breath regulation) helps to stimulate or relax the parasympathetic nervous system. Through this means you can learn to calm the mind and body through conscious breathing techniques. Hatha yoga increases stamina, flexibility, balance, concentration, relaxation, productivity and more! This is an excellent practice for beginners and for those looking to deepen their practice.

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What is a Shamanic Journey?

Traditionally a shamanic journey is purposed to allow our perception to travel between the levels of awareness to connect with animal helpers, plant spirits, Spirit guides and other elemental wisdom to restore overall health, balance and well being. The journey is a guided meditation paired with active imagination and shamanic drumming to assist you in finding an naturally induced altered state of consciousness. Journeys include visits to the lower, middle and upper worlds dependent on the purpose for the journey. A shamanic journey can be helpful when experiencing feelings of depression, anxiety, pain or nervousness as it helps to restore your natural ability to experience wellness and restores your natural power.

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What is Tibetan (Vibrational) Sound Healing?

Tibetan sound healing is an ancient modality that pairs life force energy with the powerful amplifiers, Tibetan sound bowls. These bowls are tuned to the innate and harmonious frequencies that compose all beings on a molecular level. When the bowls are played on and around the body it gently induces the water molecules to resonate at the optimal frequency to promote health and well being. This sensation is very gentle yet powerful in nature. Benefits include relaxation, stress relief, pain management, emotional relief, increased circulation, reduced inflammation, activation of the lymph system and overall feelings of bliss just to name a few!

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What is Integrated Breathwork?

Through the use of worldly practices such as guided movement, meditation, circle technology, Holy Fire Karuna Reiki, Earth Medicine and the most powerful tool of all YOUR BREATH, we create a container to allow you to dive deep into your experience and uncover more of your Self. Paired with these tools is music tuned to the chakras to take you on a Vibrational journey through you energy centers.

The power of the Breath allows you the ability to find an altered state of consciousness in a totally natural, non substance induced format. Through prolonged deep breathing you infuse your body and brain with heightened levels of oxygen. The result is a journey in non-ordinary reality through active imagination that takes you out of your thinker/planer/do-er (left brain) into your imaginative/creative (right brain) where possibilities of perception are endless.  This activation brings you to a clear space of connecting with YOUR inner teacher/healer.

This journey is guided by YOU and your breath. This is an exploration through the many facets of ego and illusion as we step into our shadow to recognize our Truth as presented in each breath. As we dive deep into the space within we can then begin the process of Integration to bring to our experience the fullness of Self.

What is Access Consciousness, The Bars®?

The Bars® are a set of 32 energetic access point on the head that address a variety of categories of belief systems like control, body, sexuality, kindness, gratitude, peace and calm, creating life forms, joy, sadness, aging, money, to name a few. These belief systems whether taught generationally, through religion, parenting, societal programing or any other way can pave the way for limitation and scarcity. These programed belief systems create neuro pathways within the brain that train us to respond/react the same way to certain stimuli. Through the practice of The Bars® you have the ability to access these programed patterns energetically to essentially hit the delete button on limiting beliefs and create a new pathway full of infinite possibilities. Paired with neuro linguistic processing questions designed to deepen your awareness surrounding limitation a Bars® session leaves you feeling alive and free to create new healthy experiences and relationships. This can be beneficial for addiction recovery, depression, habits and behaviors, chronic pain and more.

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Amanda Atkinson RMT,RYT



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