Standing with Standing Rock in opposition to DAP



Let us stand together in peacful accord to bring our prayers and awaress to our community about the Dakota Access Pipline and the thousands who are standing for the basic human right to have clean water. There has been a vast media blackout on the subject as the companies hired to break groud continue to desecrate sacred sites and violate treaties. It is time to stand and show our support of humanity, of our Earth, to stop the violence anginst our planet and all beings who dwell here.
Join us to stand and proudly show our hearts as we come together as one people. We are ina community that has much intrest in the oil industry, lets have our voices be heard too!!!
Bring signs, pickets, prayer flags, rattles, drums, hula hoos…whatever moves your Soul to carry our prayes where they need to go!!

It is up to us to speak up and stand up for the future of our children and the generations to come…Water is the key to all of life here on Earth! If not yours, whos responsibility is it to take action? Together we can make a difference!

We will gather in our Cheyenne community Thursday September 8, 2016 at 4:44pm at the State Capitol to show our support in the efforts to raise peaceful awareness and support of the halting of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

We make change through peaceful action…change from the heart!!!

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