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Mental Health March~ Transformational Breathwork

BWLove of the Earth LLC, Blossom Yoga and Grace for 2 Brothers

Have joined for Mental Health March, to bring to you a FREE Community Transformational Breathwork!

When~ March 11, 2017 2-5pm (Arrive by 1:30) FIRST COME FIRST SERVE!!!

Where~ Blossom Yoga 315 W. 18th St. Cheyenne, WY


With the power of our breath we have the ability to find a reset in each moment. Transformational Breathwork is a tool that has been used for thousands of years to capture and restore our natural healthy state of being in mind, body and Spirit. In this container YOU have the opportunity to Breathe into a healthier awareness of the inner workings of Self discovery.

Release stress, anxiety, depression and more as you tap into the powerful Shamanic breath to ease you out of the left thinker, planner, do-er, worrier mind into the right creative, expansive, playful and productive mind.

This happens with the breath because as we breathe deeply in diaphragmatic breath we bring high levels of oxygen into the brain causing a natural state of altered consciousness. In this state of awareness we have the ability to transcend our analytical space of self judgement and come into the state of pure consciousness where our self limitations and insecurities can no longer hold us back. This give us the ability to observe our behaviors and thought patterns objectively.

We pair the breath with group processing to set and hold a safe and sacred container for all to explore whatever is at the surface of your experience. In processing we use THE FORMULA FOR HEALING (IDENTIFY, LOCATE, EMBRACE, DETACH) to associate and release what no longer serves. When we dive into the breath we utilize music tuned to the chakras and binaural frequencies to enhance and support a healthy state in all aspects of experience, physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual. Upon completion of the Breathwork we come out of the experience in silence and turn to our journals, mandalas, and art to process the experience first without words. In closing circle there will be an opportunity to share with the group if so inclined.

Once experienced, this is a tool that you can take home with you to use whenever you need a reset. While there are power in numbers, and the group experience brings its one unique quality to the work, YOUR breath goes with you wherever you are, thus you have the ability to access it whenever you feel the call!



Thursday’s at Blossom

Rejuvenation with Amanda @ Blossom Yoga

Every THURSDAY 12-1pm

315 W 18th St

Cheyenne Wyoming




This class is based on the elements of rejuvenation, relaxation of the physical body and re focus of mental/emotional bodies and is appropriate for all levels of experience. This is a foundational and alignment based Hatha class with an emphasis on pranayama and visualization. Through beginner asana we will address areas of stiffness and stagnancy due to the rigors of daily work life bringing in the meditative qualities that will bring stillness to your mind/body/Spirit to unlock a clearer space of observation of Self.


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Trance Dance Coming to Blossom Yoga in Cheyenne!!!!


Are you ready for a fun alternative for your Friday night? Do you feel stagnancy in your body and want to move? Are you looking for a space to let your inner child play and shake? Do you just want to have fun and get weird with some like minded individuals?
If you said yes to any of these please come and join me in an evening of free movement Trance Dance at the New Beautiful
Blossom Yoga Studio in Cheyenne, WY. 315 W 18th St 82001.
Offered once/ month on Fridays 7-9:30pm
February~ 24th
March~ 24th
April~ 21st
May~ 26th
Trance Dance is an ancient practice of celebration, activation and letting go through organic free movement in the body. In this two hour workshop will explore movement with or without a blindfold to Shamanic rhythms melodiously blended to move through the chakras and energy body. The evening will begin with an Opening Circle where we call in Source and Guides and activate our collective intent. Opening will be completed with a short guided meditation rooting us into the Earth so that we may rise and RE-Member our full Expansive SELF through our movement.
This is a space where you can come as you are or dress for ceremony/celebration! Please bring any drums, rattles, flutes or sacreds’ that you would like to share in the experience.

See you at the studio!